What Are the Various Options Available About Car Shipping?

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While moving to a new city or state along with your family, not only you will consider moving all your belongings, but also all your cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle that you may have.

Most people in such situation prefer using services of any Houston car shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc. who has lots of experience in transporting all kinds vehicle from one place to the other in very a safe and convenient manner.

Let us see what are the various options that you can avail, if you are planning to ship your car through any such car transporting companies?

  • Truck transport for your cars

Most people usually avail truck transportation as it is available in almost all cities of USA. They are suitable for any location within the country as well as for foreign location. Comparatively this is less expensive in comparison to rail freight or air transport.

Here, you have to drop your car to local terminal operating in your city from where it will be loaded onto truck and shipped. Once it will arrive, then vehicle owner can choose to pick their vehicle from the terminal or get it dropped at any convenient place.

  • Open truck option

While shipping through truck, you can choose the option of open truck, where all the vehicles will be loaded in the truck, but the cars will remain uncovered. So, your car is likely to remain exposed to rain, snow or sun during the transportation.

Open truck option is most commonly preferred and it is cheaper option than enclosed truck option. Also, this service will enable quick service.

  • Enclosed truck option

If you have got an exclusive car or a brand-new car and want it to remain protected against harsh weather, then you can choose the option of enclosed truck. This service will be relatively expensive and also your car may be delayed to reach. That is because transporter will wait for sufficient number of booking.

  • Hauling vehicles through rail

Many people often chose rail freight option, which can be both faster as well as safer option rather than using truck. However, this option will be relatively more expensive than truck service.

Many railway services may not also offer this service and you may need additional insurance cover too.

  • Shipping cars by air transportation

If you are transporting your car to far away country then often people may avail air transportation, however it will be one of the costliest services out of all other listed above.

This mode of service will not only be the fastest service, but also the safest way of moving your vehicle to a new location and particularly to any outside country.

While transporting car through air, in most cases, your vehicle will get picked up at nearest airport where you are currently living. Then it will also be either picked up by the owner at destination airport or can get it delivered at your door step by paying extra cost for the service.

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