What To Ask Your Pet Boarding Facility

What To Ask Your Pet Boarding Facility

Naturally, as a concerned and loving pet owner, you want to choose the best pet boarding Apex NC facility there is. Simply leaving your pets at a kennel for an extended stay without getting to know the caretakers is not an option. If you aren’t sure about what to ask the staff at the pet daycare, here are a few important questions that will give you a better insight into their capabilities and passion for pet care: 

1. Are you certified? 

Although it is not mandatory for a boarding facility to be certified, it is best to go with a place that is a member of PCSA or the Pet Care Service Association because they comply with strict and high-quality pet care and follow the code of ethics set by the association. 

2. Are there cage-free options? 

No owner wants their pet locked up in a small kennel during the entire stay. Ask if the facility has cage-free time to let your pets stretch their legs. 

3. What is the exercise routine like? 

Your pets may not have the same amount of free time in the kennel as they do at home, but the facility should provide daily exercise routines for them at least twice a day. 

4. Can I take a tour? 

This is a simple question that will give you a lot of answers. A facility that will gladly take you on a tour has nothing to hide and is proud of their establishment. 

5. Is your establishment climate controlled? 

Pets must be kept comfortable during their entire stay and this is only possible when the facility is climate controlled. This will ensure they do not overheat during high temperatures and they do not feel cold at night when the temperature drops. 

6. What are the kennel hours? 

A great pet boarding Apex NC facility should be accessible and staffed 24-hours a day. This way you know your pet will be looked after at all times and you can check it whenever you have the time. 

7. Is there an on-site vet? 

There must be an on-site vet that can handle any emergency cases when needed. At the very least the boarding facility should be near a 24-hour animal hospital to keep your mind at ease. 

8. Do you have an emergency room? 

Pets that require immediate care should be treated right away. A kennel must have the capacity to handle any accidents or emergencies which is why they should have even just the most basic emergency room or clinic on-site. 

9. Are the staff members trained? 

It is not mandatory to train the caretakers who work in the boarding facility, but it does make a difference. Staff members who do not know how to handle a suddenly aggressive dog or a feisty feline might panic and end up hurting themselves and the pets their care. 

Ask all the right questions and you will easily find the right pet boarding facility that will not just house your pets, but give them the care and attention they need while you are away.

If you are looking for pet boarding Apex NC, contact Harmony Animal Hospital today to learn more about the services we provide.


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