Wholesome Tinutuan Porridge: A Taste of Manado Food

Wholesome Tinutuan Porridge: A Taste of Manado Food

Among fans of the archipelago’s tasty and various culinary delights, Manado cuisine became a kind of by word of the exotic Bunaken marine park in North Sulawesi. In a first glimpse, this typical mannadean bran might not seem that appealing, but despite its somewhat disorderly appearance, this traditional dish is tasty indeed, and shouldn’t be bypassed while visiting the city of Manado capital of North Sulawesi. Typical Manado cuisine is the consequence of a lot of extremely flavored herbs along with a touch of spiciness, giving each dish a special and deliciously rich flavor. Tinutuan’s porridge is no exception. This vegetarian dish – popularly known as Bubur Manado – is a special combination of hot and salty flavors with a splash of freshness.

Usually located on the breakfast menu, Manado Tinutuan Porridge is a kind of icon of Manado, to the point that the City of Manado is sometimes referred to as Tinutuan City. Unlike the usual poultry porridge, which is somewhat yellowish, the appearance of Tinutuan is much like a huge jumble of veggies atop a bowl of rice. The vegetables included in the mixture are pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, cassava, kangkung, poultry, corn and a few others. These veggies are spiced with garlic, lemongrass, bay leaves, salt, and ginger. Making this extremely nutritious porridge is an easy task. Rice, the essential ingredient, is boiled and seasoned with the garlic, lemongrass, bay leaves and salt.

When rice is about half cooked, add pieces of cassava, followed by corn, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Once all ingredients became rather soft, the other veggies can be added. Continue cooking till the texture thickens, and all ingredients are thoroughly cooked, but make sure not to overcook it! An obvious indicator of a ready porridge is when the yellow colors of the pumpkin, sweet potato and corn have fused with the color of the rice. The natural sweetness of those same few ingredients along with a spicy flavor play a particularly an essential role in Tintuan’s unique taste. The porridge is usually complemented with freshly cut tomato sambal and ricaroa, a kind of fish flavored chili sauce.

Tinutuan porridge can also be served with salted fish, and sometimes will come with added noodles. One serving of Tinutuan’s porridge is thought to meet all of your nutritional requirements for the day as the broad selection of veggies included in the mixture are packed with vitamins and rich in nutrient value. To try out this delicious dish yourself, visit Wake Road, crowded and popular road lined with rows of stalls selling Tinutuan Porridge in addition to other typical Manadonese dishes. At the evenings, visit the Boulevard place from the sea that becomes a hive of activity. This region has rows of restaurants serving Manadonese dishes along with other delicious restaurants.

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